Carnival of Sciacca

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The wagons parade through the streets of the old town, showing off colors, shapes and movements and involving the population and tourists with their original songs and music. The parade lasts all night and culminates with the satirical script in the main square.
Everything has finished on the night of Sunday the 16th when it will be burnt the chariot of Peppi Nappa, mask characteristic of the carnival of Sciacca.
The Carnival of Sciacca in time…

The carnival generally dates back to Roman times, when they celebrated the Saturnalia, and the king of the Saturnalia was sacrificed in the last night, as today happens to our Peppi Nnappa, local mask.
The origins of the carnival Sciacca date, with probability, to 1616, when the Viceroy Ossuna "threw the announcement of the last carnival, that everyone had to dress in disguise."

Carnival, for the city of Sciacca, represents an allegorical-satirical moment to come out in the open: in those days the "Sciacchitani" unleash their imagination. In the months preceding the feast, begins the construction of the enormous floats, made by builders who have been handing down the art of papier-mache processing for a hundred years.
The carnival begins with the symbolic delivery of the city keys to the King of Carnival: Peppi Nnappa. The population, the cheerfulness, the masks, the music, the jokes, take possession of the city. The highlight of the event is the parade of floats the wagons parading through the streets of the historical center cheer the feast with their hymns and their music, the groups masked with their choreographies entice all participants to dance, the parade lasts all n Otte and culminates with the Immmancabile play of the satirical script in Scandaliato Square.

Peppi Nappa, in Sciacca, sovereign hovering over the carnival, and in it easily each one identifies as in a materialization of the collective spirit. Even in the sad final stake, which destroys the Saccense Carnival king, one feels less of a dear part of oneself. It all ends then, when Peppi Nnappa's chariot is burnt in the public square.
The whistles and the gavets are thrown at the stake and the thrill of those days burns with their king.

The atmosphere of the carnival of Sciacca "getting hot" means that anyone, during the party, can be the protagonist and not spectator of one of the most beautiful carnivals in Sicily.

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