The city of Sciacca is located on the southwestern coast of Sicily, among the grandiose archaeological complexes of Agrigento, Selinunte, Eraclea Minoa and Segesta.
The sea and the coastline are certainly two of the great attractions of Sciacca: You can swim in clear water, or surf, canoe, go motorboat, and practice any type of water sports.
Sciacca is also a spa town: its fame in modern times is due, in fact, to the reputation of its rich hydrothermomineral heritage and the famous natural caves vaporous and sweaty Mount S. Calogero. Already from the middle of the nineteenth century, the city had discovered its vocation for thermal tourism and it is for such a characteristic that today is known all over the world as "the city of the baths".

Fascinating also its manifestations linked to ancient traditions, like that of the carnival that for over a century has aroused a particular fascination, recalling the presence of about two hundred thousand people among foreigners and tourists every year. Popular traditions are treasured by religious festivals, festivals and Popular theatre.
These too have become a major tourist attraction.
The city also has a rich historical center, with monuments and churches, revealing the presence of different stylistic characteristics of architectural importance, as testimony to the many dominations that from antiquity to the most recent centuries have succeeded ( Sicans, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Jews, Spaniards). Characteristics of considerable tourist interest, with positive repercussions on the economy of the city, are also those linked to the production of artistic crafts (ceramics), to the fish-canning sector (sardines, anchovies etc.), as well as to the products Enogastronomic (oil, wine).

Sea, spas, carnival, history, traditions and local products are therefore the key areas on which the tourism development of the territory points. Thus, for several years, for the peculiarities and potentialities of its tourist reception facility, Sciacca represents one of the most representative stages in the panorama of Sicilian voyages, increasingly proposing itself as a pole attractor and expansion Tourist for the whole province of belonging, if not of the whole island.

The tourist vocation of the Sciacca territory emerges in a clear and prefigure way, also, great possibilities for a wide range of operators of tourist services and for companies operating in the sectors of crafts and agribusiness.